stir-fried hijiki

< Ingredients >
100g Hijiki (dry)
100g Brown rice syrup
100ml Tamari
100ml Mirin
1oz Sesame oil

1 Carrot
1 Medium Onion


< Instructions >
1. Soak the hijiki in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes.
2. Slice the onion and shred the carrot.
3. Strain the hijiki to take out excess water.
4. Add the sesame oil in a pan and heat it.
5. Put the hijiki in the pan, and stir fry until it is well coated with the sesame oil.
6. Add the carrot and onion, and continue stir frying.
7. Add rest of the ingredients, and cook with high heat until the liquid evaporates.
8. Garnish with boiled green beans or edamame if you like.

Hope you'll enjoy nutritious hijiki!

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