shojin culver city concept

Our Mission: “to be impressive for our dear customers”
Concept: organic, natural, vegan, macrobiotic, Japanese

Our dearest friends,
At Shojin, our customers are like our family and we want you to feel comfortable when you dine with us; it is in the same way that one welcomes an honored guest into one’s home that we welcome you to our special space with open arms. The philosophy of our restaurant reflects the desire we have to care for our dear customers and we would like to take the time to introduce you to the cuisine that evolved in reflection of this sentiment.

We want the food that we serve you to be real and healthful, without any artificial additives or ingredients, and we want our customers to be able to be at ease, knowing that what they will be served is the absolute best that we can provide. At Shojin Culver City, we want to provide our customers a beautiful, private atmosphere within which they can unwind and be pampered, and we have committed ourselves to the creation and maintenance of such an environment. We want our customers’ time with us to be a rejuvenating experience. It is our greatest wish that our customers enjoy the many handmade dishes that we’ve created, which employ only the finest organic ingredients. Furthermore, we hope that Shojin will be a place where people can come and be truly relaxed and at peace.

Open the door to your hearts and come enjoy all that we have to offer you. It is the greatest gratification that you leave us with full and happy hearts. We are here, anxiously awaiting your arrival…